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Polish language courses

All of our Polish language courses are enriched with a module that will help you understand at a general level how the Polish administrative system linked to foreigners works and how to deal with Polish offices and the intricacies of administrative procedures in practice (e.g. obtaining a PESEL number, replacing a driver's license, applying to the President for Polish citizenship).

The Polish language is taught in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

Basic course (A1, A2)

Living in Poland often requires a certain level of knowledge of our language at a basic level, otherwise foreigners will always be forced to use an interpreter, yet this can be easily avoided.

Our Polish language course at the A1 and A2 levels includes first of all learning the basics of vocabulary and grammar. Thanks to us you will master very quickly:

  • vocabulary necessary for everyday communication,
  • you will be able to introduce yourself, talk about yourself and your interests, your well-being, work and family and health,
  • visiting a cafe, restaurant, store or doctor will no longer be a challenge for you,
  • ordering a cab, making an appointment or meeting, or ordering food over the phone will be simpler and less stressful,
  • we will also teach you Polish customs and tell you about our culture.

We offer you a Polish language course that will give you the comfort and confidence to cope even in difficult and unexpected situations. Our goal is to teach you the language, so we check your progress throughout the course.

We conduct all of our courses online.

Intermediate course (B1, B2)

If you are interested in this course, it means that you are already able to speak Polish at a basic level.

After completing our B1 and B2 level course, you will be able to:

  • communicate in any area of life,
  • carry out a fluent conversation with Poles,
  • create coherent oral and written statements on all topics of your interest,
  • describe experiences, events, as well as plans and dreams related to the past, present and future,
  • justify and explain your opinions in detail.

We believe that with the knowledge provided to you, you will be able to compete effectively and without complexes in the local job market, take the state exam in Polish without stress, or deal with even the most intricate official matters.

We conduct all of our courses online.

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