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Legalisation of residence and work in Poland

Legal residence and work in Poland involve meeting a number of administrative requirements that are not always understood by every foreigner. The sizable set of documents and the number of institutions that must be visited to collect all the necessary permits and statements can overwhelm even those who have already been in our country for several years.

Full range of services

Civil Affairs Office was established to support foreigners with our experience in dealing with all the necessary paperwork. The scope of our services for you and your family includes:

  • work permits,
  • temporary residence and work permits,
  • permanent residence permits,
  • long-term residence permits for EU residents,
  • permanent residence permits for holders of the Pole’s Card,
  • prolongation of work and residence permits in Poland,
  • statements on entrusting work to a foreigner,
  • labour market test of the starost,
  • registration of residence of a citizen of the European Union and members of his / her family,
  • preparation of letters in pending administrative proceedings,
  • registration of visits atthe provincial office and contacting with it on your behalf,
  • appeals against negative administrative decisions.

If your goal is a permanent residence card, you have come to the right place – we will tell you how to achieve it as soon as possible and without unnecessary expenses!

We also provide consultation and verification of documents for completeness before submitting the application to the relevant office for those who want to do it by themselves.

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