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Renunciation of Polish citizenship - who, when and how can apply for it?

Consent for renunciation of Polish citizenship by the President of the Republic of Poland.


Confirmation of possession or loss of Polish citizenship

Persons with Polish ancestry may apply for confirmation of possession or loss of Polish...


EU long-term resident card - What are the pros?

What is the card of a long-term EU resident, what does it give and why should you apply for...


State of pandemic revoked as of 1 July 2023!

State of pandemic revoked as of 1 July 2023, a short time for foreigners to apply for...


How to get polish citizenship? Recognition as a Polish citizen!

Many foreigners wonder: what are the ways to acquire Polish citizenship and how can I get Polish...


What is the Pole`s Card?

What is the Pole`s Card, how to obtain this document and what does it entitle to? It is an...


Temporary and permanent residence permits

Temporary residence card and permanent residence card are documents that allow foreigners to stay...


Starosta's information - what it is and how to obtain it

Entrepreneurs who want to hire foreign workers often ask how to obtain the starost's...


On July 1, 2023, the COVID-19 epidemic emergency is scheduled to be cancelled

On July 1, 2023, the COVID-19 epidemic emergency is scheduled to be cancelled - that's...


Granting of Polish citizenship

One way to obtain Polish citizenship, is to have it granted by the President of the Republic of...


Polish citizenship for a foreigner

Foreigners often wonder how they can acquire Polish citizenship. They want to do so for many...


Permanent residence card - What does it give and how to obtain it?

One of the documents that confirm a foreigner's legal residence in Poland is...


What are the types of workpermits for foreigners?

Entrepreneurs who plan to emploi foreigners should know the types of work permits and in which...


Very important changes in the legalisation of temporary residence in Poland for citizens of Ukraine!

The President of the Republic of Poland on 23 January 2023 signed an amendment to the Act on...


Poland in 3rd place in the ranking of the world's strongest passports!

The latest Passport Index ranking by Canada's Arton Capital shows that the Polish passport...
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